BRT planning - other cities

In addition to leading roles in the operating BRT systems in Guangzhou and Yichang and the BRT systems in various stages of planning, design and implementation in Ulaanbaatar, Yangon, Guiyang and Ji'an, Far East BRT has been involved in several other major BRT projects around the region. The BRT planning work in Lanzhou, Vientiane, Metro Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru listed below was led by Far East BRT experts but carried out prior to Far East BRT's incorporation.

Lanzhou BRT

Under the guidance of the ADB East Asia transport division and the Lanzhou City Government Far East BRT consultants Karl Fjellstrom and Xiaomei Duan (from 2009), and Wenxuan Ma and Yipeng Du (from 2011) helped transform the Asian Development Bank’s transport project in Lanzhou from one focusing mainly on utility tunnels to one of Asia's highest capacity BRT corridors. The Lanzhou BRT is the first BRT system based on a split station concept with BRT buses in the same direction stopping on both sides of a platform. This innovative design offers roughly the same capacity as that of a traditional split BRT station, but with half the length and only one meter in extra width. In May 2015 the system was averaging 309,000 daily passengers, and in 2014 a bike sharing system was successfully implemented in Lanzhou, including along the BRT corridor.

[To be completed - Lanzhou BRT history.]

Vientiane BRT, NMT and parking

Karl Fjellstrom was the team leader, and Wenxuan Ma and Xiaomei Duan were key engineers involved in the Vientiane BRT project preliminary design work carried out from late 2013 to early 2014. The Vientiane BRT project was approved by the ADB Board in March 2015, with implementation of the system to take place in coming years.

Metro Manila BRT and greenways planning

Karl Fjellstrom was team leader for the Metro Manila BRT conceptual design for a BRT corridor along EDSA (2015, in development - see maps of Metro Manila bus routes). Xiaomei Duan and Wenxuan Ma were leading engineers on the project, which also included regular Far East BRT consultants and partners in the areas of station architecture (Derek Trusler), BRT business planning (Walter Hook of BRT Planning International), and BRT modeling and operational design (Remi Jeanneret).

Kuala Lumpur BRT

Federal Highway - Tun Sambanthan 2012 conceptual design, approved but not yet implemented. Karl Fjellstrom was the team leader and Far East BRT consultants Xiaomei Duan and Wenxuan Ma were key engineers in the BRT planning and design in Johor Bahru.

Johor Bahru BRT

As in Kuala Lumpur, Karl Fjellstrom was the team leader and Far East BRT consultants Xiaomei Duan, Wenxuan Ma and Zhuojun Su were all key engineers in the BRT planning and design in Johor Bahru. Derek Trusler provided architectural input. The work was carried out in 2013 but the project was not implemented.

Other cities

Other cities where Far East BRT played a more minor role include:

  • Peshawar BRT (2016, in planning, support provided to ITDP-Indonesia)
  • Nanning BRT (support provided to GMEDRI)
  • Dandong BRT (2016, in planning)
Guangzhou BRT

Islamabad BRT

Guiyang BRT

Guangzhou BRT

Brisbane BRT